Minor in International Relations

What is ISIS and why do we fear this terrorist organization? Is global warming a threat to us? Should Americans admit more refugees from Syria? Is it good for the United States to be friends with Cuba? Why do we need to work with our allies in Europe to maintain world peace? What is the role of the United Nations in the area of globalization? Is torture a violation of Human Rights? If any of these questions interests you then the minor in International Relations may be for you. This program introduces students to relevant global issues such as security, diplomacy, human rights, international law, terrorism, cultures, war and peace, and the global economy. These issues affect nation-states (countries), societies, and individuals at large, like you! Students who pursue the minor will gain theoretical and practical skills to think critically and understand the changing global reality and its impact on foreign and domestic issues. Students will also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through debates, international simulations, world politics games, and internships. Although not required, students may be able to participate in Model UN simulations and Model OAS simulations in Washington D.C. or New York and will be encouraged to travel abroad or learn another language.

Carrer Opportunities

You can work at:
International Organizations such as the United Nations
Multinational Corporations or global companies that trade or do business abroad
Law firms
Any non- governmental organization that needs people who understand global issues
You will also acquire writing and critical thinking skills that will help you go to Law School or apply to any Graduate Program such as International Relations, Political Science, Economics or Sociology.

Program Requirements (18 Credits)

POS 230 Introduction to International Relations

Take 5 courses from the following:

POS 3024 Immigration Law Politics
INR 4408 International Human Rights Law
POS 321 European Union Politics
POS 336 United Nations and Global Security
CPO 3034 Politics of the Developing Nations
INS 3246 Caribbean Politics
POS 390 Environmental Politics
CPO 4541 China Politics
POS 407 United States Foreign Policy I
POS 408 United States Foreign Policy II
INR 4084 Political and Military Dimensions of Terrorist
POS 422 Dictators and Revolutions
POS 424 Cuba after Castro
POS 459 Global Issues
POS 480D Inter-American Relations
POS 485C Latin American Economic and Political Development
POS 4930 Seminar in Political Analysis and Methodology
POS 4900 Directed Readings or Project I
POS 497 Internship in Political Science

For Political Science Majors: one global/international relations/comparative politics course may be used to satisfy both, a Political Science Major requirement and an International Relations Minor requirement.

For all majors: one language course other than English/a study abroad course/ or a course with an international content in another field, such as a course in International Business, may be used to satisfy one course requirement for the International Relations Minor. This needs approval by the program coordinator.

With your academic adviser, you can add the Minor in International Relations to any major that has elective courses (e.g. Criminal Justice, Economics, Psychology, and others) without adding additional time to your studies. You will get two degrees for the price of one! Contact us for further information at gjamison@stu.edu


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