Bachelor in Ethical Leadership

Program Description: The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Ethical Leadership is a degree designed for self-directed and goal-oriented individuals interested in developing problem solving, decision-making, and communications skills. The student will gain an understanding of the primary functions performed by an organization. The curriculum is designed to fulfill the University’s stated mission to emphasize personal growth, individual values and development in areas of human understanding necessary to successfully manage in today’s fast-moving, ever-changing, global operating environment.


The Bachelor in Ethical Leadership combines studies in humanities, behavioral and social sciences, business and management, computing, research methods, and technology.


The Bachelor in Ethical Leadership is offered over a fifteen-month period. Courses are 8 weeks in duration and are offered only online.

Career Opportunities

  • Management Positions in the field of Business, Industry, Government, Education & Healthcare
  • Upward mobility for career paths in the Fire, Police and Corrections Department
  • Administrative opportunities
  • Foundation degree to pursue a Masters Degree


Bachelor in Ethical Leadership *** 120 credits


Students can request to waive some of these courses at the time of Admissions, and must be approved by the Dean or Dean’s designee, except for Catholic Identity and Diversity courses. Recommended course: PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychology


This requirement will be fulfilled from courses identified as Catholic Identity courses.

This course may satisfy other GER or Major requirements. Recommended courses: REL 2560 (Introduction to Catholicism), REL 2295 (Introduction to the Bible) or REL 2590 (History of Christian Thought I).

DIVERSITY *** 3 credits

This requirement will be fulfilled by completing major requirements. This course may satisfy other GER or Major requirements. Recommended course: MMC 2000 Society and Mass Media


EXL 201 Communication Skills for Leaders

EXL 200 Introduction to Leadership

EXL 205 Overview of Applied Research Methods

EXL 490 Leadership Practicum*

EXL 300 Introduction to the E-Portfolio Process


EXL 320 Legal Aspects in Leadership

PHI 3641 Business Ethics

EXL 305 Leadership & Applied Technology

EXL 302 Leadership & Innovation

COP 20173 Introduction to Data Science

SOP 3530 Group Dynamics

EXL 400 Professional Writing & Presentations

SOC 460D Conflict & Conflict Resolution

An examination of the conduct, causes, and consequences of conflicts between individuals, groups, organizations, communities, and total societies. This exploration of the organization and function of conflicts includes as analysis of resolution, techniques which utilize violence, mediation, and arbitration.
Prerequisite: SOC 201D or Permission of Instructor

EXL 303 Intro to Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Leadership

EXL 404 Special Topics in Leadership

EXL 491 Evaluation of the E-Portfolio Submission*

*Both courses must be taken concurrently, and only once the student has completed 90% of the program requirements.

GUIDED ELECTIVES *** 30 credits

Select courses in consultation with your advisor.

(These courses may not include ENS, ESL, or Basic Skills Courses)

Students are able to transfer credits to satisfy this requirement, including E-Portfolio, work experience, or credit by exam (CLEP).


Students may select any course as offered online, including but not limited to the following course list:

EXL 403 Grant Writing

MMC 3030 Personal Branding

EDU 226 Human Growth and Development for Educators

TSL 4520 Cross Cultural Communication

ENT 3503 Social Entrepreneurship

PUR 3000 Foundations of Public Relations

COM 301 Multimedia Storytelling and Advocacy

COM 308 Social Media: Impact and Networking

DEP 2000 Human Growth and Development

INP 4105 Psychology of Work

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