MA in Criminal Justice

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

The Master of Art in Criminal Justice (MACJ), in Biscayne College, is designed to broaden the perspective of those already employed as criminal justice professionals as well as to provide the academic knowledge and practical skills for those seeking to advance into higher level career positions within the criminal justice system. The thirty-six credit fully accredited program is suitable for students with undergraduate degrees not only in criminal justice but in such related fields as sociology, psychology, criminology and political science. The MACJ is conveniently scheduled to allow highly motivated students to complete the degree within just one year. Program goal is to make education accessible and affordable to you. The MACY is also offered online

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Degree Highlights

  • You will be provided with the skills, tools and guidance needed to master the ability to formulate critical decisions, monitor and regulate policies & strategies as well as assess the treatment programs of current offenders.

  • Students who graduate with a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice will feel confident in their ability to work with various government agencies, whether federal, local, or state, to work towards creating a safer community.

  • We pride ourselves on providing our students with a personalized education where you will experience the dedication of our staff as we strive to eliminate the possibility of you feeling like just another number at our school.

Other Benefits

  • STU’s Biscayne College, offers students practical leadership training through participation in interdisciplinary and international programs.

  • Students can be awarded with a combination of scholarships, grants, and employment opportunities.

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Career Landscape

The MACJ program prepares students for mid-level or upper level positions with the following agencies:

They may also pursue highly rewarding professional careers with the courts, corrections, or victim services.


Curriculum Map for the Master or Arts in Criminal Justice Program

Starting in:

 Fall, Term 1

CJA 650 Advanced Criminology

CJA 651 Quantitative Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Fall, Term 2

CJA 652 Qualitative Research Methods in Criminal Justice

CJA 630 Juvenile Crime and Justice

Spring Term 1

CJA 660 Advanced Criminological Theory

CJA 775 Comparative International Criinal Justice Systems

Spring Term 2

CJA 766 Legal Aspects for Criminal Justice Admiistration

CJA 710 Globalization and Terrorism

Summer Term 1

CJA 712 Economics of Crime
CJA 914 Counseling Criminal justice Offenders, Crime Victims, and Law Enforcement Personne

Summer  Term 2

CJA 715 Cybercrime and Its Control

CJA 776 Professionalism, Ethnics and Criminal justice: A  Capstone Course


Contact Graduate Adviser

Dr. Gary Feinberg, Program Director, at 305-628-6578

Dr. Abdy Javadzadeh, Program Director, at 305-628-6716

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