Master of Science in Elementary Education

Program Description: The Master of Science (MS) in Elementary Education is offered both online and on-ground. It is designed to help fulfill three career paths for teachers:

  1. To qualify teachers to teach in an elementary education program;
  2. For teachers who hold an undergraduate degree in Special Education, to ensure coherence and breadth of knowledge and experience; and
  3. For a career change.

The core courses consist of 5 courses designed to fulfill the professional education course requirements and to prepare an individual to take the Professional Educator Exam of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE). Please refer to the following website for additional information:

The MS in Elementary Education consists of the 7 content/methods courses required for certification and to prepare individuals for the Elementary Education Subject Area Exam (SAE).

Featured Professors

Career Opportunities

  • Elementary Education Teacher K-6
  • Primary Education Teacher PK-3
  • Reading Interventionist
  • Learning Center Teacher or Director


Master of Science in Elementary Education (36 credits)

*all courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted

Professional Education Courses  – 15 credits

EDF 660         Social, Philosophical & Historical Foundations of Ed

EDA 606        Curriculum and Instruction for Diverse Student Populations

EDU 524        Literature and Multimedia in the Classroom

EDU 530        Educational Measurement

EDU 540        Effective Teaching and Classroom Management


Elementary Education Subject Area Courses  – 21 credits

EDU 621        Theory and Foundations of Effective Reading & Language Instruction w/Field Experience

EDU 523        Content and Methods for Teaching Health & Physical Education with Field Experience

EDU 525        Content and Meth for Teaching Lang Arts w/Field Exp.

EDU 526        Content and Methods for Teaching Science w/Field Exp.

EDU 527        Content and Meth for Teaching Math w/Field Exp.

EDU 528        Content and Methods for Teaching Social Studies w/Field Exp.

EDU 529        Content and Methods for Teaching Arts w/Field Exp.

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“Please note that STU is unable to confirm the licensure and certification requirements of your state of residence. If you intend to pursue such credentialing in your state or elsewhere, we advise you to contact the applicable state credentialing authority to familiarize yourself with its specific requirements and determine if our program meets its eligibility criteria.
For additional information regarding other states’ recognition of the St. Thomas University online Elementary Education degree for licensing or certification purposes, please visit the <> State-by-State Database of licensing or certification requirements.”