STU’s New BA in Theology — Starting in Fall 2023

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Theology explores the implications of faith’s search for understanding. Open to truth wherever it is found and grounded in the rich legacy of the Catholic intellectual heritage, the program is a rigorous and reflective foundation in religious studies that is fundamental to effective leadership in the 21st Century, not only for religious institutions, but for excellent leadership in the wider community and world, as well as preparation for graduate and/or professional education.


What is Theology?

Theology has to do with knowledge of God. Augustine of Hippo (5th century) describes theology as crede ut intellegas (“Believing that you may understand”). Anselm of Canterbury (11th century) goes on to describe the exercise of theology as fides quarens intellectum (“faith seeking understanding). More recently, Hans Urs von Balthasar expounded on this, saying theology is “the exposition of revelation in human concepts.” At the bottom of it, theology has to do with understanding and articulating what one believes about God based upon his revelation — most fully in Jesus Christ.


Why study Theology at STU?

The Theology faculty at STU seeks to carry out John Paul II’s directive that “Catholic theology, taught in a manner faithful to Scripture, Tradition, and the Church’s Magisterium, [would provide] an awareness of the Gospel principles which will enrich the meaning of human life and give it a new dignity” (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, 20). Pursuing a degree in Theology at St. Thomas University means diving into the Catholic theological tradition, while getting practical experience for ministry and leadership in today’s climate. It’s not a “head in the clouds,” experience, but a “boots on the ground” one as well.


Potential Employers for Theology Majors

  • Catholic high schools and parishes
  • Catholic publishing
  • College and high school campus ministries
  • Diocesan offices
  • Missionary organizations
  • Pro-life organizations


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the BA in Theology will:

  1. Demonstrate basic religious and theological literacy.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in understanding and application of Theological foundations.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in understanding foundational concepts in Christian thought and practice in the areas of Biblical, Historical, Systematic, Moral, and Contextual studies.
  4. Acquire and develop research skills in theological studies.


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