Introduction to Culinary Arts Certificate

St. Thomas University is now offering an online certificate in Culinary Arts. This 15-college credit professional program includes fundamental culinary skills and techniques, the art of cooking, food & beverage management and an in-depth course in seafood sustainability, fabrication and preparation. Create culinary and baking and pastry dishes from around the globe to build skills, develop flavors and your palate.  This certificate program can conveniently be done in your kitchen through online demonstrations, lectures and videos that focus on a unique blend of theory, science, techniques and business fundamentals.

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What to expect:

  • to receive a STU Chef jacket upon registering
  • full access to a library of instructional videos and demonstrations
  • full access to recipes, ingredient and equipment list
  • to commit approximately 15 hours a week to their studies
  • an asynchronous learning model providing flexibility of schedule
  • dedicated credentialed faculty for each course
  • to engage through live or on-demand video and working on assignments

Invest in Your Culinary Expertise:

  • Cost Per 3 Credit Course: $1,445 tuition
Fall One Start Date: August 19th Deadline to Register: August 14th
Fall Two Start Date: October 14th  Deadline to Register: October 9th
Spring One Start Date: January 13th Deadline to Register: January 8th
Spring Two Start Date: March 17th Deadline to Register: March 12th


HFT1800 Food & Beverage Management-3 credits

This course provides an overview of Food & Beverage Operations in the Tourism and Hospitality setting. Students are introduced to various career opportunities within Food & Beverage segment by exploring the different types of operations. Focuses on the impact of Food & Beverages on Tourism destinations and Hospitality offerings. Various service styles and Cultural nuances are also explored.

CUL100 Culinary Foundations – 3 credits

This course will help students learn the techniques practiced in the professional kitchen: the craft, the tools, food safety and sanitation, basic knife skills, and mise en place. Students will be introduced to moist and dry heat cooking methods, basic plating and nutrition concepts.

CUL200 Culinary Fundamentals -3 credits

This foundational level course will focus on cooking applications with a product or ingredient focus. Students will be introduced to salads & dressings, vegetables, eggs, soups, sauces, rice, grains, and legumes.

CUL300 Culinary Essentials-3 credits

This essential level course will focus on cooking applications with a product or ingredient focus. Students will be introduced to pasta, meat & poultry, fish, bread baking and pastry arts.

CUL400 Advanced Seafood Cookery – 3 credits

This advanced course provides students with an understanding of the primary culinary categories of fish and seafood, the proper handling and fabrication of various forms of seafood, and how to best apply culinary techniques to make the most of the seafood available.

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Recognized by the American Culinary Federation