Graduate Business Certificates

Graduate Business Certificates (Certificates) are a means by which individuals may increase their knowledge and skills by completing four courses in an area. These certificates are available under the following conditions:
1. Certificates may only be earned while the student is attending a graduate degree program.
2. While it is not necessary to apply for a certificate at the same time as one applies for the degree, the admissions application for a certificate must be approved before the student’s degree graduation application is posted.
3. Certificate coursework must be completed no later than a year of the degree posting.

To earn a graduate certificate, a student must be admitted to a graduate degree program and apply to a certificate program. The specific courses applied towards a certificate may include no more than three courses applied towards a graduate degree, and earning a certificate requires the student to take at least one more course required for that certificate which is not applied towards the coursework for a graduate degree.

A student cannot earn a certificate in the same curricular area as his/her graduate degree specialization.

Courses completed to earn one certificate may not be used to satisfy the requirements of other certificates. Credits earned towards a graduate certificate program may be applied to a graduate degree program only if specifically listed as part of the graduate certificate requirements and the graduate degree requirements or with the approval of the graduate Program Coordinator. Courses used to complete the general requirements, core requirements, or specialization requirements of a degree cannot be used to complete certificate requirements unless specifically listed as part of the certificate requirements. Unless noted otherwise, all certificates are 12 credits and all courses earn three graduate level credits.

Please see advisor and/or the degree Program Coordinator for more information.

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