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Master of Science in Sports Administration

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The Master of Science (MS) in Sports Administration is designed for students who desire a career in the management area of sports. The curriculum blends traditional management with sports business courses to meet the challenges of the rapidly developing sports industry. The complex nature of today’s sports world has increased the need for professionally prepared sports administrators.

The graduate degree in the area of sports management is ideal for anyone wishing to apply their love of sports by expanding the knowledge they obtained during their undergraduate studies. Graduate students will continue to work on mastering the business behind the scenes and learn what it takes off the field to achieve success on it.

We recognize the passion that our students have for sports  which is why at St. Thomas University, Miami, Fl,  we offer numerous graduate programs that will prepare our students for their careers by finding success with various tools. Tools such as our dedicated staff and extensive network of alumni will go a long way for those seeking a masters in sports management by preparing students for taking on a leadership role in the professional sports industry.

We take pride in helping our students excel in life by emphasizing that they should explore what they are truly passionate about in life.  This is the reason why we started the nation’s first Sports Administration undergraduate program back in 1972. St. Thomas University is extremely committed to furthering education and we couldn’t be more excited about your interest in furthering yours.


The MS program requires 30 credit hours, including 3 hours of internship credit. Courses are offered in six 8-week terms during a calendar year. All courses are 3 hours of credit. The MS curriculum enables full-time students to complete the degree in just one year.

Graduate business courses are $800 dollars per credit hour. The 30 credit MS program is one of the most affordable and time-effective programs available.

Master in Sports Management Degree Highlights

  • Provides you the opportunity to meet and network with adjunct professors, alumni and guest speakers from various sports organizations who will share valuable insight about the sport industries they represent
  • The masters in Sports Management will combine the business principles with the industry-specific aspects of managing in a collegiate or corporate envirornment.


Career Landscape

Those who obtain a MS Sports Management Degree from St. Thomas University will be fully prepared for a number of career possibilities in a variety of organizations, including professional sports teams, college athletics departments, sports media and marketing, merchandising, leisure and recreational services, and more.

Management positions available in the following organizations: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, ATP, WTA, PGA, LPGA, MLS, NASL, NASCAR, NCAA, NAIA, as well as various events, governing organizations, and manufacturers in the sports industry.

What Can You Do with a Sports Management Degree

Some of the Sports Management Jobs include but aren’t limited to:


  • President / CEO / General Manager
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Athletic Director
  • Sports Information Director
  • Fundraising/Major Gifts Director
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Facilities Director
  • Sports and Wellness Director
  • Financial Management Director
  • Parks and Recreation Director
  • Sports Advertising Sales Director
  • Athletics Communications Director
  • Athletics Director for Compliance
  • Compensation Director
  • Customer Relations Director
  • Media Relations Director
  • Programs and Assessment Director
  • Community Services Director
  • Event Marketing Director
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Sports Marketing Manager
  • Sports Camp Director

Featured Alumni

Al Avila ’86, former general manager of the Detroit Tigers, was with the Tigers for 15 years. Under his leadership, the Tigers won the American League Pennant in 2006 and 2012, and secured four consecutive AL Central titles from 2011-2014.

Andy Elisburg ’89, general manager and senior vice president of operations for the Miami Heat, joined the franchise in its inaugural 1988 season. For the past 21 years, he has been working in basketball operations, and has played an integral role in salary cap planning and basketball operations management, while overseeing the day-to-day operations at American Airlines Arena.

Dave Gettleman ’86, former general manager of the New York Giants, was a part of seven Super Bowl teams, including three winners. He was with Buffalo in 1990 and 1991, Denver in 1997, the Giants in 2000, 2007, and 2011, and Carolina in 2015. The Broncos and the 2007 and 2011 Giants both won the championship during his tenure.

Featured Professors

  • Dr. Ted Abernethy, Director of Sports Administration programs. Over 20 years of experience
  • Dr. Seok-Ho Song, Sports Administration Professor and Advisor. Over 10 years of experience
  • Dr. Robert Epling, Associate Professor of Sports Administration and Advisor. Over 20 years of experience.

Admissions Requirements



Required Courses 15 credits

MAN 503 Applied Research Methods (3)

SPO 510 Sports Ethics (3)

SPO 717 Seminar/Principles of Sports Administration (3)

SPO 719 Legal Aspects of Sports Administration (3)

SPO 790 Supervised Internship (3)


Guided Electives chosen from: 15 credits

SPO 506 Sports Tourism Development (3)

SPO 540 Sports Media and Public Relations (3)

SPO 543 Sports Financial Management (3)

SPO 544 Sports Marketing and Promotions (3)

SPO 546 Facility and Event Management (3)

SPO 547 Principles of Leisure Services (3)

SPO 548 Sports Psychology (3)

SPO 549 Athletic Fundraising (3)

SPO 551 Negotiation in the Sports Industry (3)

SPO 552 Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics (3)

SPO 750 Issues in Sports Administration (3)

SPO 755 Special Topics in Sports Administration (3)

SPO 789 Directed Readings (3)

MAN 510 Management Ethics (3)

MAN 700 Organizational Behavior (3)

MAN 703 Human Resource Management (3)


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